Roddy Lessard

Website Editor (2022-2026 terms)

  Ahoy Shipmates.

My name is Roddy.  I have been an Active Member of the Oshawa Naval Veterans’ Club since 1998.  I have served many terms on the Executive Committee as Treasurer in the past, and now serve as the Website Editor to enhance our digital footprint.  I look forward to contributing to the Club’s success digitally.  You may on occasion see me attending the Club socially to catch up with other members at the “Liars Table”.

Hope to see you at the Club, so do not be shy, come up and introduce yourself and perhaps we will chat over a “wet”.



If you want to send me a message, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please do not use “auto-fill” or I may not receive your message, please manually type in each area.  Thank you.