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Ships Lost During the Battle of the Atlantic

To the memory of those stout hearts, our shipmates and messmates who have not returned and will not be returning from the dark waters. Somewhere in those unlit depths today they lie, a torn steel hull their sepulcher, an ocean floor their abbey.  One remembers them not alone for the gallantry of their sacrifice, but too because somehow one’s own life seems the richer for having know their friendship.


HMCS FRASER – Destroyer – June 25th
HMCS BRAS D’OR – Auxiliary Minesweeper – October 19th
HMCS MARGAREE – Destroyer – October 22nd


HMCS OTTER – A/S Yacht – March 26th
HMCS LEVIS – Corvette – September 19th
HMCS WILDFLOWER – Corvette – December 7th


HMCS SPIKENARD – Corvette – February 10th
HMCS RACCOON – A/S Yacht – September 7th
HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN – Corvette – September 11th
HMCS OTTAWA – Destroyer – September 13th


HMCS LOUISBURG – Corvette – February 6th
HMCS WEYBURN – Corvette – February 22nd
HMCS ST. CROIX – Destroyer – September 20th
HMCS CHADEBUCTO – Bangor Minesweeper – October 21st


HMCS ATHABASKAN – Tribal Destroyer – April 29th
HMCS VALLEY FIELD – Frigate – May 7th
HMCS REGINA – Corvette – August 8th
HMCS ALBERNI – Corvette – August 21st
HMCS SKEENA – Destroyer – October 25th
HMCS SHAWINIGAN – Corvette – November 25th
HMCS CLAYOQUOT – Bangor Minesweeper – December 24th


HMCS TRENTONIAN – Corvette – February 22nd
HMCS GUYSBOROUGH – Bangor Minesweeper – March 17th
HMCS ESQUIMALT – Bangor Minesweeper – April 16th

Honourable Mention

The 29th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla – Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs) lost are:

MTB 459, MTB 460, MTB 461, MTB 462, MTB 463, MTB 465 and MTB 466.


Fair Winds and Following Seas


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